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Charged With A Felony? You Need An Experienced Attorney.

The criminal justice system is an unforgiving place where very few people get a second chance. A felony conviction means you may no longer be employable. You may no longer be able to get education grants or scholarships. For low-income individuals, you may no longer be eligible for housing or food assistance. You need to avoid a felony conviction if at all possible. And, make no mistake, the prosecution will take advantage of any weakness you have.

Burt Harriman, Attorney at Law, LLC, fights for you and your rights. Our services have a proven track record for success. We defend you and your needs in court and during negotiations. Do not let the prosecution infringe on your civil liberties. Schedule a free consultation today by contacting our firm online.

Extensive Defense Services From Fierce Attorneys

Criminal defense is a lengthy process that starts from the moment the police arrest you or bring a warrant. Our firm has over a decade of experience defending civil rights in and around the Lexington area. We ensure Missouri residents have complete access to a qualified defense. Our services include:

  • Case and evidence analysis including research into evidence that counters the prosecution’s claims and corroborating expert testimony
  • Thorough case planning and extensive strategy construction services
  • Negotiations with the state and a successful history of dismissed and dropped cases
  • In-court defense
  • Extensive appeals representation

Felony charges are not the same as a conviction. You still have options and should leverage those options whenever possible. Let us fight for you.

Protect Your Future At Burt Harriman, Attorney at Law, LLC

Looking for a stalwart defense from an attorney who understands the full consequences of felony conviction? Speak with our attorneys for free. Email us today or call 660-259-2238 to schedule an appointment.