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Lexington DWI Charges

The punishments for drunk driving charges in Missouri are harsh. While many people may just want to accept the punishment and put the matter behind them, there can be long-term effects that will harm the rest of your life. At Burt Harriman, Attorney at Law, LLC, in Lexington, Missouri, we provide experienced, knowledgeable legal representation for people charged with driving while intoxicated and driving under the influence.

You will work directly with a lawyer at our office who will take the time to answer your questions, explain the legal process and provide you with practical legal advice that clearly lays out your options. We know what is at stake for you, which is why we will work as hard as we can to ease your stress and fight for a positive outcome.

A DWI In Missouri Can Have Extremely Negative Effects

Even if you are facing your first DWI charge, a conviction could still mean up to six months in prison and a 30-day license suspension. A second conviction will mean up to a year in jail and up to $1,000 in fines. If the two charges are within a certain amount of time, your license could be revoked for up to five years.

When arrested — whether in Higginsville, Richmond or elsewhere — call an attorney quickly. You have 15 days to request an administrative hearing so you do not lose your driving privileges. If the deadline passes, you will lose your license

As your lawyers, we will examine the arrest report, any witness accounts and physical evidence to attempt to get charges reduced or dismissed. We have a long track record of successfully representing clients in these matters. We can provide you the representation you need and deserve.

Speak To A DUI Defense Attorney Before You Fight The Charges Alone

Contact our law firm, Burt Harriman, Attorney at Law, LLC, if you are facing drunk driving charges. With so much on the line, we can protect your rights. Call 660-259-2238 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced lawyer. We accept credit cards.