Brain Injuries And Other Serious Injuries
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Get Help Adjusting To Life After A Brain Or Spine Injury

When the doctor tells you that you or a loved one has a brain or a spine injury, your life is turned upside-down. You are left wondering: what does this really mean for my life? Is recovery actually possible? Will I be able to pay my medical bills? Can my family really afford this?

Brain and spine damage has lasting consequences. Sometimes, the victim is never the same. Our firm cannot promise medical miracles, but we can promise that we will do everything legally possible to hold negligent parties and insurance companies responsible for the full extent of the care you need. Speak with our legal team today by calling 660-259-2238.

How Burt Harriman, Attorney at Law, LLC Helps Provide For You

Our firm was founded in 2007. Since that time, we have focused on helping our neighbors and community members recover from injuries. Insurance companies are quick to offer compensation after a serious injury. This is because the injured are more likely to accept an offer, even one that does not fully provide for their injury.

We do not tolerate this injustice. After an injury, you have legal rights. We include the following in our calculations:

  • Your immediate emergency room and medical care
  • Surgical treatments and physical therapy
  • Associated complications like infection treatment
  • Long-term medical care and necessary in-home care
  • Adaptive technology such as ramps, wheelchairs and other therapy treatments

We help ensure that your compensation considers your full medical expenses. Our legal team will fight for your best possible outcome. You can trust us to prioritize your needs.

Over A Decade Of Experience Helping Our Community

When your life comes to a dramatic halt after brain or spine damage, you need an advocate who can help anticipate the other side and who will truly fight for you. At Burt Harriman, Attorney at Law, LLC, helping you is our mission. Dial 660-259-2238 today or email us and schedule a free consultation.